About Us

For over a quarter of a century, our brokerage firm has dealt exclusively with the purchase and sale of leased U.S. Post Offices throughout the nation. As both brokers and owners we believe in the many benefits of investing in leased post offices. The returns on investment have been consistently higher compared to other commercial real estate investments and leases are guaranteed by the U.S. Postal Service. Additionally, low maintenance and reimbursement of property taxes on many of these properties provide added incentives. We take pride in providing all of our clients with professional service including up-to-date research on each facility along with area profiles.

In addition to our brokerage services, we are increasingly representing clients in negotiating renewal options and new leases. Recently the U.S. Postal service introduced a new lease form with many critical changes, a thorough examination of the lease is vital and we are able to provide this service along with the ability to negotiate directly with the USPS and their agents.

Our services include:

  • Purchase and Sale of USPS Leased Properties
  • Negotiating Renewal Options
  • Negotiating New Leases
  • Working with 1031 Exchanges Including Reverse Exchanges
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Management and Maintenance Issues

We also assist our clients in obtaining financing, appraisals, and legal representation.